Who are The Invention Brothers?

57 yr. old  Scott Comstock and his younger brother,  Kurt Comstock, 53 are two of nine children born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. They started inventing games to play and other imaginative toys when they were kids. Always fun ideas, but not always safe.

Scott first remembers inventing an automatic dart retriever while throwing darts on the front lawn at around the age of 7. He tied a long string to a sharp metal dart so he could pull it back after throwing it across the lawn. It worked great until he pulled it hard and it snapped back and stabbed him in his leg. It was pretty painful but he didn’t tell anyone, he feared getting yelled at by his parents for doing something really stupid.

As a kid, Kurt love experimenting with fire. He would like to test what toys would burn the best. Green toy soldiers would burn really well and the melted plastic made a really cool, sizzling noise as it dripped down. Great fun until one of those melted plastic strands fell onto the back of one of his hands and burned it deep, leaving a nasty scar that he still has today. Lesson learned. He never told his parents, he feared getting yelled at for doing something really stupid. You don’t see too many “fire toys” at Toys R Us.

How long have The Invention Brothers been working together?

Scott and Kurt just celebrated their 25th year working together in their graphic design studio and product development business based in Glendale, CA. They’ve balanced the very speculative business of inventing with the reliability of consistent income working for clients where they’ve helped with product development, branding and packaging design.

What are some of the past T.I.B. inventions?

       • TRACTOR TREADER; An inflatable wheel of fun! A quick success story but also an important lesson learned.

          Sold at Kmart, Toys R Us. Unpatented and copied by every inflatable company out there!

       • FEETBALLS; a hand held ball that has protruding feet that “Run when you roll them”. Sold at Toys R Us

         and other toy retailers.

       • WACHOO BOXES; Halloween optical illusion boxes where scary characters appear to turn their heads and
         follow you as you walk by. Sold at Spencer’s gifts and other Halloween specialty stores.

       • 3D HELMETS; A variety of children’s bicycle helmets designed in a variety of shapes such as a Skull, a
          Brain, a Princess Crown and an Alien. Sold at Target, Toys R Us and other sporting goods retailers.

       • The MARGARATOR; A huge, One gallon blender with dispensing spout for big-time parties. Sold at
          Walmart, Bed Bath Beyond, Target, Home Depot and other major retailers.

       • The CYCOCYCLE; a “crazy-fun” combination unicycle-tricycle-scooter and bmx bike. Sold at Walmart,
         Toys R Us and other major retailers.


What is one of the most important lessons learned over the 25 years of inventing?

Inventing is not easy. We've learned much through the years, and it has always been exciting. Mistakes and unsuccessful products are never failures, just lessons learned to apply to the next great idea. Persistence is the key to successful inventing, never give up if you have faith in your abilities. Ideas are the easy part, it's execution that counts. Developing an idea into an actual product along with developing the presentation to market it to p
otential buyers or licensors takes a lot of time and hard work! …And lastly, maybe most important, be married to a stable, loving, devoted and very patient spouse. (Our wives!)

What is T.I.B.’s most recent invention?

    • The Skoother Skin Smoother. A skin exfoliator that utilizes a unique micro-abrasive smoothing screen that instantly smooths

       rough, callused cracked heels and feet.

When will the Skoother be available for sale?

  • TIB will be launching their Skoother Kickstarter campaign in July 2015 to raise funds for the initial production run this                     
summer. This is a limited test market to get feedback and reviews from their Kickstarter supporters. The Skoother will be          

  available at retail stores in Spring 2016.

What’s next?

    It’s still a secret. They can’t tell you, but they promise a couple of new inventions they are currently working on will be important       and well worth the wait!

Quotes from Scott:

   " The invention business has been like a roller-coaster, a lot of ups and downs but always a thrilling ride!"

   " No one knows for sure if a new product will become a hit. Not the large retail buyers, not the big manufacturers or brands, and

      especially, not the inventor. Nothing is a sure bet until actual sales take off, and when it does, there's nothing more thrilling!"

   " The larger the potential customer demographics for a new product, the better chance of success you have. The best inventions      

      are new products that are useful in every single home."

Quotes from Kurt:

   "Only risk what you can afford to lose. We've come close to risking too much and losing everything. We now invest just enough to      test market a new idea and prove there's demand for it and it's sales worthy before taking on more risk."

   "For us, coming up with great ideas is the easy part, it's all the research, planning and execution of the idea that's hard."

   "Hope is what drives us and motivates us to never give up and continue to pursue the next big hit!


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